Zords are huge, robotic meachins that rangers use to form the Megazord. The following list is of Zords

MoshiForce MegazordEdit

This Megazord is the main Megazord in the series:

Burnie Zord (Red Ranger) - Megazord Head/ Wings

Gigi Zord (Pink Ranger) - Megazord left arm

Big Bad Bill Zord (Blue Ranger) - Megazord Legs

Oompah Zord (Yellow Ranger) - Megazord right arm

Blurp Zord (Green Ranger) - Megazord Body

Axuillary Zords:Edit

Cutie Pie Zord (Temporily Orange Ranger) - Megazord Legs

Oddie Zord (Temporily Purple Ranger) - Megazord Chest plate

Judder Zord (Temporily Brown Ranger ) - Left Arm

Scamp Zord ( Temporily White Ranger) - Head

To be continued

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