The Team Unites is the first episode of Power Rangers Moshi Force

Story Line:Edit

The evil master lin has escaped the intergalatic prison and a mystical magician called Maggie desides to get 5 kids/ teenagers to become the next line of Moshi Power Rangers. 

Amber, Matthew and Krishel were sitting in a Art lesson with their friend Dan, but then the Year 8 Messager came in and Asked the 3 to leave to go to the Head Teachers Office. When they got there, Matthew's brother Josh and his friend Jamie were there to. When they were pulled in and were sent into the Cubord, which teloported them to a secret base. They were given their ranger abilities. When bad guys attacked the town center, the Rangers morphed using their moshi morphers, and then, when the Bad Guy gets bigger, they use the Burnie, Gigi, Big Bad Bill, Oompah and Blurp Zords to form the Moshi Megazord and destroyed them







Dan (Camo)



Art Teacher



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